Bout to head out to MADISON/Powerlines Buzzing in the Rain

I had to prerecord the show (I usually do it live) because I just flew into Wisconsin today! In Wisconsin I will be teaching at the Richard Davis Conference for Young Bassists, and I will be reuniting for a show Saturday Night with my long lost bandmates Jacob Bicknase and Alex Charland from Left Field Quartet. So naturally I included a little bit of chopped up Jake playing from the show he did with me ( and a little bit from one or Alex's new projects the amazingly heartfelt All of Me to You ( where he uses field recordings in an album! Cool idea! If you live around Madison, WI come and see us and say hi! (

And I did use one last field recording from me and Brianna’s trip to North Bend of powerlines buzzing in the rain, but that’s the ACTUAL last field recording from that trip I promise.

Expect some exciting Bass Conference field recordings coming up soon…

Cooper Schlegel