Cooper Schlegel

Left Field 2: Tubular Headspace (2016)


Left Field 2: Tubular Headspace

This was an exploration of how one person could consistently and systematically disrupt how other performers perceive the music they are playing.  A true sequel, Tubular Headspace reworks all the material from Left Field in a very destructive way.  The bass part, again is a way of inserting myself into the piece.  There are multiple "dead ends;" places that the bass part will never take the music to (the concert D at the end of the descent, the resolution at the beginning of the end).  The piece also has a very destructive thesis at its core.  It also steals material from George Crumb's Quest as its predecessor does. Made in ms paint.

Left Field (2015)


Left Field

I wrote this piece after performing George Crumb's Quest at the UW Madison's festival celebrating his 85th birthday.  I wanted to create a piece with interactive elements and different pulses whilst still giving the performers extreme flexibility.  I wrote this initially to commemorate an unexpected moment of elation, and ended up rededicating it to the band for their unexpected friendship as this piece ended up being the flagship theme for Left Field Quartet.  The name of the game is control; I inserted myself into the piece via the bass part, and after struggling against other performers, the elation comes when I give up control at the solo sections. Written in ms paint.

Decay (2017)


A trio piece with lots of grey colors and shifty chords which seems to work best in a trio format.  I had a lot of fun making the graphics (in microsoft paint).