LIVE SHOW TONIGHT 9PM @ THE HOBBIT HOLE (house show) 201 Milroy St NW in OLY

I took some rain sounds before the radio broadcast of some October rain. When I got inside to edit them, I loaded them up and thought "wow the sound of the small droplets onto the surface of the large puddles sounds really cool! I should go out and get more of that sound!" but by the time I figured that out, it had stopped raining.

Anyway, if you're in the area come and say hi, the house is a hop skip and jump away from the west side koibito.

Cooper Schlegel

I went to Oktoberfest with my parents for the first time in a number of years this last weekend and had a lot of fun. Good food, and if you sign up to be a designated driver you get free soda and coffee. This episode was a little departure from the norm.

Live show coming up next week @ the hobbit hole: LINK

Cooper Schlegel
Lullaby Utopia: Helping My Sister Move Into College

Me and my mom helped my sister move into where she'll be staying for college, and I had a great time! My sister was a little stressed, as was my mom, but not me, because I brought my equipment to take field recordings. In this episode you'll hear us sitting at a restaurant, lugging stuff into the building, me drumming on her furniture, and me saying my not-so-final goodbye. In fact, I'm hoping I'll be able to see some more music shows up in Seattle. We got to see Flying Lotus (with a surprise special guest Thundercat appearance [!!!]) a little while back and that was a rootin-tootin good time. I got a gong the same day as the move-in so you get to hear some of that in this episode.

And I paired it with some slow moving google maps. Hopefully if I leave the watermark in there I won't get in trouble.

Cooper Schlegel
Teleidoscope on a Family Picnic with back-catalog/Meditation (Double Feature)

I have two episodes in one here: One is all bass and one is all field recordings. It’s like choose your own adventure.

I needed to meditate on some stuff last week, and so I chose to do the show unaccompanied (for the most part, I did cheat a little bit halfway through with the help of my sister Isabelle). I haven’t done this in quite a while! I used to do this much more when I first started out doing the show. Contained within are some coded messages, and like I said before the live broadcast, it’s devoted to my sister and mom. (Last week I helped my sister move into college! Yikes!)

I felt that it was nice to put some large constraints on the show, so this week I did only field recordings. I’ve been sitting on a surplus of field recordings for a little bit, so this was a good way to use a good amount. Featured in the first half are recordings for Brianna’s first big horse show out here in Washington, as well as Brianna’s grandpa’s 90th birthday picnic and Brianna’s grandpa mowing the lawn to celebrate the end of summer. The second half of the show is ~2 minutes worth of sound randomly taken from the back catalog of field recordings I’ve taken (>24 hours) by my computer and looped on top of itself in a teleidoscopic fashion. What is a teleidoscope? It is a kaleidoscope which uses a big lens instead of beads and bits and glass for the source material for the mirror-mandala. This way it uses the outside world for the image. Did you know there is a kaleidoscope underworld that all meets at the Brewster Society Kaleidoscope Convention every June? (Named after Sir David Brewster who is the inventor of the kaleidoscope). They’ve figured out how to use mirrors in such a way that the seen image is a three-dimensional orb or polyhedron instead of a flat bicycle wheel sort of thing. Their website specifically talks about ergonomics of the kaleidoscope which enable extended viewing time.

Cooper Schlegel
Sleep Sounds/Simple Night Sounds

I've been thinking about getting a stethoscope to try and capture body sounds, but pressing my ear up against someone works well. I just have to edit out the gurgly noises, and I'm left with some breaths and clicks and faint thumps. Maybe a stethoscope would get heartbeats better. Also in this episode was the current night sounds from that previous Wednesday, still some crickets around.

Cooper Schlegel
Skateboards, Fountain and Jake

I was walking past the local skatepark downtown and was drawn in by the sounds. I asked the kids there if they were ok with me recording them and they all got up and started skating to make more sound! Dope! Thank you James, JJ, Jo Jo, Jacob, Dalton, and Greg for skating. And then just down the street as me and Brianna were recording the fountain at Heritage Park, Chris came over and asked what we were up to, and after we told him we were recording for Lullaby Utopia, he asked “so it’s like human interest mixed with music?” and I was like “well yeah actually it is I guess.” Later he was like “once I started listening it sounded like a drum circle” but I didn’t get that on the recording unfortunately.

I told Jake to send me some drums, and he did, but I completely messed up the mix and so I had to cut out ~20 minutes worth, but he’s still on a lot of the show thankfully. You can here the unedited show on the 89.3 KAOS website (
Cooper Schlegel
Company Picnic

I played a company picnic for my Dad’s workplace with my good friend/mentor Steve Luceno and my sister got some recordings of it which you can hear in the third third of the show. I programmed all the recordings she took and was hoping it would select the piñata getting beat but it never got around to it (she ended up with 2+ hrs of recording and there was room for maybe 40 minutes worth when it was layered on itself). Maybe it’ll make it onto the show some other time. I also programmed three chords for it to switch between in the second half, but it only ever got around to 2 of them in the entire hour that the program was running. Yet another statistical anomaly on this show I suppose.

Cooper Schlegel
Cicadas and a Big Hello to my Chicago Family

Another Isabelle travelogue episode, she is with my mom in Chicago and you can hear the annual cicadas in the recordings she sent back. (They are not the every 17 year cicadas, but a different species [every continental state has 4 or more species of cicada]). I’m really happy that they’re out there and that they are sending love from all of us back here in Olympia.

Field recordings in this episode include but are not limited to: Cicadas, thunder, birthday parties, dogs, kids walking backwards, pool, and crazy 8s.

Cooper Schlegel
I think it's a Great Horned Owl/Crickets/Thunder

Since there were no field recordings last week, there’s a wealth of them this week. There was an owl hanging around our place whose hoots I stole. Judging from online video comparison I think it’s a great horned owl, but if you think otherwise please let me know at Did you know that owls have some of the most proportionally large ears in the animal kingdom? I was thinking of including a picture of their ears, but that might be something to find on your own. They also have one ear higher than the other so they can be more precise when gauging where it is vertically, as well as face feathers in a dish shape that channel sound towards their ears. They can control the depth of that dish in order to change at what distance their hearing is focused on.

Crickets are also starting to be noisier this time of year, and we had a magnificent thunderstorm last week.
Cooper Schlegel
Happy Birthday Isabelle!

No field recordings this week, just a medley of different things. I attempted something vaporwave-y the first half but it just ended up sounding like what I usually put out, and it opens up towards the second half.

Cooper Schlegel
Sounds of the Smith Residence - for Dale

Brianna here! For this week I joined Cooper in the studio to make a special episode for my dad. He is thankfully okay, but he was in a serious car accident while headed back from a work trip earlier this week. Even though he called us right away to keep us updated, it was still a very scary experience for everyone who loves him (and certainly a scary experience for him, too!) I have a poem that I wrote for him and Cooper brought in some field recordings that would best fit my dad- and they're all taken at his house! You'll hear sprinklers, water fountains, and wind chimes.

We love you so much Dad!

-Bri and Cooper

Cooper Schlegel
Hope Island (disappointed)

My and Brianna kayaked out to hope island, which has a campsite only accessible by boat. We were hoping to get a spot but all the sites were taken, so we sat on the beach and felt bummed out for a while. During which I took a field recording!

Cooper Schlegel

I got a haircut! hear it happen in this episode!

ALSO: I’ve been doing Lullaby Utopia for a year now! Happy Birthday Lullaby Utopia last year I recorded lakefair, so this year I did that too. There’s a big spin-y ride you can hear going wruuuuummb wruuuuumb.

Cooper Schlegel
Oakville 5th of July (4th of July) Parade

Semi-live this time (had to prerecord it because I’m playing shows in the Olympia Free Jazz Festival!).

The Fourth of July parade in Oakville featured a number of Brianna’s family members as well as a crowd which outnumbered the population of Oakville.
Cooper Schlegel
FOURTH OF JULY/Free Jazz Festival samples


For fourth of july my family went out to eat sushi, and my mom ordered the “mexican roll,” which along with the hotdogs I had for lunch seemed just about the most American meal ever. We went to the 3rd of july fireworks show, which you’ll hear right of the beginning of this episode, and I was able to catch 3, maybe 4 languages, which you’ll hear if you listen closely (there’s other stuff going on).

Also in this episode, samples from Lewis Jordan’s “When the Time Comes,” and Joe Mailhot’s live version of a tune he wrote in 2000 which he didn’t name the name of when he played on Free Jazz with Fred this last Monday. If he did say the name I missed it. He was talking about how he had Syd Potter to thank for starting his compositional career. You can hear that live show for about a week longer before the archive expires here:, and you can find out more about the Olympia Free Jazz Festival here: You can see Lullaby Utopia live and learn how I do my process for the show Sunday July 14th at St. Martins.

Cooper Schlegel
Graduations! and some thunder

This year I went to three whole graduation ceremonies, two that my sister isabelle was in (whose traveloges you can hear in past episodes), and one that I played in. One was for Capitol High here in Oly, one for South Puget Sound Community College here in Oly, and one for the Freedom Education Project of Puget Sound ( Of the three, my favorite was the SPSCC one which you can hear here on the show! Don’t worry I cut out all the boring speeches it’s just all the families cheering in all their own unique different ways. My mom says “way to go peanut.”

We also had some thunderstorms out here which is still a little bit unusual for Western Washington I think. It’s only the second field recording I’ve gotten since I’ve been out here, if I was in Wisconsin I’d probably have over a hundred by now.

The computer programming this time was a little more involved than usual, I feel like I keep pushing myself more and more. This is also the first show featuring a foot pedal I was able to hook up to my computer to control events without taking my hands away from the bass. Cool.

If you have any sounds that make you sleepy or happy or both you can send them to and I’ll play them on the show. See you next week!

Cooper Schlegel
Moonlit backyard/Laser Cutter from Dale's work


Dale (Brianna’s dad) told me about a laser cutter that makes a cool sound at his workplace, so I packed my gear to record it. In person it’s not very loud at all and it makes the room smell like someone is baking.

I suppose that kind of counts as a submission? If you have an idea for sounds I should record, or have a recording to send me please do! ( I know I’ve had guest frogs and sprinklers on the show before, but I wanted to record the yard at night since the moon’s been out (and will be a full moon sunday night/monday morning), and that meant getting some frogs and sprinklers and an a/c unit too. A cat was slinking around, so successfully in fact that it did not show up in the field recording. It did spook me a little bit.

Cooper Schlegel
Grange Party


Recordings in this episode are machinery from spring cleaning and a grange party. Yes, there are granges in Lullaby Utopia, it is there where you find the best marshmallow fluff you've had in your life and the wood creaks good too.

At this particular grange, a guy went up to the piano said "y'all want to sing some songs?" and before people could even say "heck yeah brother" he's playing tunes that somehow everybody but me knows the words to. I said "holy moly" and ran out to get my recording equipment, but I had some trouble getting to my car because an Australian (who made it onto one of the recordings in the episode) ran over a tree. By the time I managed to get back I had missed it but witnessing it first hand definitely left an impression on me. I did get a little bit of a guitar player though doing sort of the same thing.

See you next week!

Cooper Schlegel
Chris Reads Complaints Filed by Semi-Sentient NPCs

It’s been too long since I last had Christopher William Wolter on the show so I thought I’d ask him to do me a favor. You might have already figured out Lullaby Utopia is a large scale simulation, but down here we also play video games too. Some of the NPCs (non-player characters) have started thinking for themselves! They’re going through a rather angsty phase but the scientists/game designers don’t care what they think as long as they think for themselves. When I asked the head scientist, Maralindorothy Burnosamastein what she thought about it she said “it’s a necessary part of growing up.”

Also the sprinklers are on! We have special night-time ones.

Cooper Schlegel