Lullaby Utopia: Helping My Sister Move Into College

Me and my mom helped my sister move into where she'll be staying for college, and I had a great time! My sister was a little stressed, as was my mom, but not me, because I brought my equipment to take field recordings. In this episode you'll hear us sitting at a restaurant, lugging stuff into the building, me drumming on her furniture, and me saying my not-so-final goodbye. In fact, I'm hoping I'll be able to see some more music shows up in Seattle. We got to see Flying Lotus (with a surprise special guest Thundercat appearance [!!!]) a little while back and that was a rootin-tootin good time. I got a gong the same day as the move-in so you get to hear some of that in this episode.

And I paired it with some slow moving google maps. Hopefully if I leave the watermark in there I won't get in trouble.

Cooper Schlegel