I think it's a Great Horned Owl/Crickets/Thunder

Since there were no field recordings last week, there’s a wealth of them this week. There was an owl hanging around our place whose hoots I stole. Judging from online video comparison I think it’s a great horned owl, but if you think otherwise please let me know at lullabyutopia@gmail.com. Did you know that owls have some of the most proportionally large ears in the animal kingdom? I was thinking of including a picture of their ears, but that might be something to find on your own. They also have one ear higher than the other so they can be more precise when gauging where it is vertically, as well as face feathers in a dish shape that channel sound towards their ears. They can control the depth of that dish in order to change at what distance their hearing is focused on.

Crickets are also starting to be noisier this time of year, and we had a magnificent thunderstorm last week.

Cooper Schlegel