Bass Conference! Plane/Bus travel to Madison

I had a wonderful time in Madison reconnecting with Musician friends and teaching at the Richard Davis Foundation for Young Bassists conference. And I played a live show at the Alchemy with Left Field Compatriots Alex and Jake where we tried integrating the “Phonelines Stress Me Out” patch from Lullaby Utopia into the show. Thank you especially to Isaac Suprenant, one of the first people to listen to this show, Aaron Gotchberg and Delane Doyle for your guys’ support, feedback and real talk. No recordings from the show unfortunately, but I did return with some recordings from the bass conference as promised.

The bass conference was another resounding success, thank you to Ben Ferris and Catherine Harris for all the hard work that you guys do to put it on.

Some more plane sounds in this episode. Flying is becoming a different experience the more I do it. The Seattle, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, etc. airports all remain remarkably the same, the planes are pretty much the same since I was growing up, the same sounds, procedures. And at the end of it you’ve gone across the country in very little time, which holds a good amount of significance/weight. It’s like a bigger, more expensive, more inconvenient stargate portal. Still really cool.

Cooper Schlegel