KAOS Fund Drive/Tunnel in North Bend

This week is the 89.3 FM KAOS fund drive, and since I can’t pitch and play my bass at the same time I thought I’d do more of a themed show sort of deal. Lullaby Utopia has come a long way since I started, and being able to do the show live every week was a big part of that. I have to be accountable for everything in the moment, and I cannot obsess over every little detail like I would if the whole show was pre-produced. Also what other radio station would answer "can I do a live free jazz sleep aid show every week" with "go for it" ? So if you listen to the podcast regularly please consider donating to the radio station via https://3897.thankyou4caring.org/kaos-membership.

The second half of the show has a field recording of a tunnel in North Bend where me and Brianna went. This will be the last field recording from our trip, which was great and you can hear about in detail in last week's episode.

Cooper Schlegel