FOURTH OF JULY/Free Jazz Festival samples


For fourth of july my family went out to eat sushi, and my mom ordered the “mexican roll,” which along with the hotdogs I had for lunch seemed just about the most American meal ever. We went to the 3rd of july fireworks show, which you’ll hear right of the beginning of this episode, and I was able to catch 3, maybe 4 languages, which you’ll hear if you listen closely (there’s other stuff going on).

Also in this episode, samples from Lewis Jordan’s “When the Time Comes,” and Joe Mailhot’s live version of a tune he wrote in 2000 which he didn’t name the name of when he played on Free Jazz with Fred this last Monday. If he did say the name I missed it. He was talking about how he had Syd Potter to thank for starting his compositional career. You can hear that live show for about a week longer before the archive expires here:, and you can find out more about the Olympia Free Jazz Festival here: You can see Lullaby Utopia live and learn how I do my process for the show Sunday July 14th at St. Martins.

Cooper Schlegel