Graduations! and some thunder

This year I went to three whole graduation ceremonies, two that my sister isabelle was in (whose traveloges you can hear in past episodes), and one that I played in. One was for Capitol High here in Oly, one for South Puget Sound Community College here in Oly, and one for the Freedom Education Project of Puget Sound ( Of the three, my favorite was the SPSCC one which you can hear here on the show! Don’t worry I cut out all the boring speeches it’s just all the families cheering in all their own unique different ways. My mom says “way to go peanut.”

We also had some thunderstorms out here which is still a little bit unusual for Western Washington I think. It’s only the second field recording I’ve gotten since I’ve been out here, if I was in Wisconsin I’d probably have over a hundred by now.

The computer programming this time was a little more involved than usual, I feel like I keep pushing myself more and more. This is also the first show featuring a foot pedal I was able to hook up to my computer to control events without taking my hands away from the bass. Cool.

If you have any sounds that make you sleepy or happy or both you can send them to and I’ll play them on the show. See you next week!

Cooper Schlegel