New Zealand Birds, Crickets (and cicadas I think)

My sister returned from New Zealand this week but not before sending back field recordings! The birds in this recording include but are not limited to chattering lory, plum-headed parakeet, bourkes parrot, king parrot, mulga parrot, cuban finch, south island kaka, long-billed corella, opaline red-rumped parrots, blue red-rumped parrots, eclectus parrot, red-tailed black cockatoo, blue and yellow macaw, scarlet macaw, blue and gold macaw, gouldian finch, diamond dove, jacarmi finch, siskin finch, namanqua dove,and red-faced parrot finch. Dang that's a lot of birds!

Also in this recording is a couple bits of classical music I really like, one of which is being played in the symphony orchestra I am in (Olympia Symphony Orchestra)..

Cooper SchlegelComment