Long Airplane Landing and Walking by the Tracks


I found a field recording that I thought I lost! The landing from Madison in it’s entirety, from before we touch down to when I get out of the airport, and then a long field recording from around where I live where there’s a abandoned railway.

I always fly with this special airline “Sunbeam” out of Seattle where the sides of the plane are all clear glass (probably some sort of plastic but it looks like glass) and they only schedule flights where you’ll see a sunrise or a sunset. I guess they recoup the costs of those things by not serving soda, but you can bring your own which I do. Over the course of the field recording, the sky goes from sunny to dark (I took pictures during which are in the attached image).

And the trail/rails where I was walking you can still find people who catch freight in and out of Olympia and if you stop to talk to them, they’ll cook you a can of beans over their campfire and tell you about jobs they’ve worked in Kansas City, and all the best (FREE!) things to discover across the US. I waved hello to a couple folks here and there, but I didn’t want a whole lot of talking in the recording so I just kept to myself mostly.

Cooper Schlegel