Phonelines Stress Me Out a Little Bit, and Industrial Sounds around Evergreen State College

Recently I listened to “Sorry Wrong Number,” a Suspense radio show episode from 1945. It’s an amazing short radio play from 1945 where there’s an entire universe encapsulated in one woman’s room and her phone. Terrifying! People just give her customer lip service when all she needs is someone to calm her down. “Hello Operator? Can you connect me to the police?” “Oh, you can call that number direct.” ?!?!?!? Lady call the police!

Anyway, when I first started working on pure data, one thing multiple beginning tutorials walk you through is how to recreate phone machinery, DTMF tones, dial tones, busy signals, etc, so I thought hey, why not try to capture that feeling of a small phone universe on my show?

The people which I’ve scrambled together on the other end of the line are my girlfriend Brianna, my mom Michele, friends/cohorts/musicians/teachers/gigmasters Chris William-Wolter, Alex Charland, Dave Cohen, Joe Mailhot, Steve Luceno, and Richard Davis, and robots who keep telling me the police are on their way to arrest me for tax invasions and/or to sell me insurance/a credit card account.

Towards the end of the show are weird ventilation machines around Evergreen, which is on it’s spring break right now and so therefore is the equivalent of a ghost town. Not one soul except the DJ before me, (K-punk, the DJ of the ultradope show The Sound).

Last episode I got some feedback that listening on bigger speakers yielded sort of boomy results so I tried to remedy that in this episode, and re-upload last weeks’ episode as well.

Cooper Schlegel