Various Ways of Getting to Dunedin

Last episode, we heard some field recordings from my sister Isabelle in Seatac Airport, and we continue this episode with many more field recordings sent from halfway around the world! I will say that this episode, due to some recordings featuring people talking among other things, is a little less sleepy than some of my other episodes, but hey I'm trying something different. Save for one obvious exception, I have left the field recordings pretty much as they've been sent; I spliced them together, I censored any swearing, and I adjusted volumes, other than that they are completely untouched (also they're only untouched if you don't consider me playing over them tampering). The exception is an extended plane noise section where I take 5 different recordings of the puddle jumper Isabelle took from Auckland to Dunedin at different stages; taxiing, taking off, climbing, cruising, and descending, along with making a synth-y patch of the in flight "bing."

Thank you to Isabelle, Rosa, Imogen and Georgia.

Cooper SchlegelDunedin